We currently offer 4 sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball. and Soccer.



We randomize the packs into your box: Bronze 3-packs, Silver 6-packs, and Gold 8-packs. Gold boxes have a total of 9 packs (8 are randomized). One pack valued at $40 - 50 is included in every Gold box, guaranteed.



Bronze: $85

Silver: $160

Gold: $255



Our one-time boxes sell out fast, so we suggest subscribing. By subscribing monthly, you're investing in the hobby and securing your spot in the Pack Plus Program.



We ship all orders once each month. If you missed the Due Date for this month, your order ships on next month's Ship Date.


Why doesn't your order ship right when you place it?

We wait until all orders come in before the Due Date, so we can begin to randomize packs during Sort Week. This allows for a truly randomized process. Make sense?

Pack Plus Program One-time

PriceFrom $85.00