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What are you ripping next?

Many pieces of the hobby have changed over the last few years. These changes seem to be the topic of conversation in most circles of the sports cards world. Prices, drafts, influences, and economical trends have been huge factors in the way we have been able to share this hobby with our followers.

Despite all of these changes, one passion has remained through it all:

The joy of ripping packs.

Modern prices have pushed some prices out of reach. We are determined to fix that. As promised, we have included Prizm in each month's football program. We are working to include Gold Featured products that people will enjoy. Our program started because I, as a collector on a teacher's budget, could not afford top shelf products and I wanted a chance at upgrading my collection. I built the formulas and line ups to give everyone a legitimate chance at getting high end packs without paying high end prices.

I hate that the joy of ripping packs has been taken from so many. We are doing everything we can to make our boxes make sense for the price. In fact, in this month's football program, each Gold Box is guaranteed a hit from the Gold Feature: Luminance. Any Silver box from Football's program is most likely going to get 4-5 different products from the above list.

Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer also have strong lineups this month:

We would love to have you in our program this month.

August orders are due this Sunday!

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