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We were so blessed at The National

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

We are still in the process of regaining energy from The National Sports Collectors Convention but wanted to drop a quick note to #PACKPLUSFAM

We were so blessed by each one of you that stopped by. We loved seeing and meeting each of you! We did better than we dreamed of doing last week. The same can be said for Indy Card Exchange, who we were proudly set up with and working for. It was an absolutely INSANE show.

I wanted to share a quick story:

One of you (I WISH I remembered who) stopped by when we were super busy. Aware of our obligations and lack of time, you popped in to say hey, thanked us for our program, said you really enjoyed our boxes, and went onto enjoy the show. It was a 30-second interaction that meant a lot to us. I would love to talk longer, but it gets crazy at The National sometimes, and we were carrying several conversations at once.

As they walked away, someone asked “what box are they talking about?”

Proudly, I gave the pitch of our program. We had boxes on site this year, and that guy decided to buy one. He did pretty well on both packs and cards. By this point we had a fresh new group of 5 or 6 at our table tuning in. They loved the idea. I gave each of them a flyer and went through the pitch again. Another guy bought one right there and another bought one from our website later that day.

One positive comment turned into 3 immediate new customers. Who knows how many others will order because of that moment.

We are so grateful for all the support we get from #PACKPLUSFAM

Whether you’re supporting us or another company you like, know the power of positive reviews and how influential your voice can be.


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