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We just did a BIC Gold Box Case Break!

This break filled before I even had a chance to send out an email, and it went super well!

We get asked quite often, by breakers and customers, if we have ever done breaks with our boxes. So we decided to test out this theory ourselves. We wanted to have a blue print for anyone that believes in our product and wants to run their own break!

The cost was $90 per random team and we filled it fairly quickly. Here is the listing that we posted:

Based on the randomization, I knew that this break would include 13-22 hits.

I advertised that and I would tell anyone those numbers (it could be different break to break even in the same month). We ended up hitting 22! The results for these boxes was posted along with the rest of our Pack Plus Program. These packs were randomized live on our YouTube channel. So it is possible for customers to do their research and know exactly which packs are in the boxes, but the content of those packs is still a mystery, obviously.

It should also be known that we pull all packs from the same box. For example, throughout the 10 Gold Box Case, we used 9 packs of Certified and we pulled them all from the same box of Certified. So when I said 13-22 hits were guaranteed, I knew that at least 3 were coming from Certified - possibly 4. I don't remember how many packs of Elite FOTL were in there, but I know it was more than a full box. So let's say it was 24. 20 came from a full box (3 guaranteed hits) and 4 from one other box (not 4 different boxes).

To be completely honest, this was the most fun I have ever had running a break. So many different products and hits. I had a blast. Here's the video:

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