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We give refunds with our breaks

When we do Random Team breaks, we give one spot a full refund. We are funning some fun breaks through the playoffs.

We run all of our breaks through our Facebook Group and then break live on our YouTube channel. Here is the link to our Facebook Group:

Tonight's break is a fun one.

These 2 boxes of Mosaic are from the same case as Thursday's break, which had four boxes and yielded zero case hits. This means that there is about a 25% chance that the case hit is in one of these boxes.

The Bronze Box is from December's program, meaning it is guaranteed to have a pack of 2021 Elite FOTL and two other current year hobby packs.

At the end of the break, we will be giving 1 of the 32 spots a FULL REFUND!

You read that correctly. We will randomize the winner to that refund while we are live on YouTube and will send them PayPal immediately!

You always have a chance to win big cards for free when you join our random team breaks (even if your cards are worth $25K).

After the break, we will have other Football, Basketball, and Soccer Bronze Boxes available for personals at $90 each. See you tonight!

Here is Thursday's Mosaic 4 Box Break:

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