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We are changing the way we do breaks!

Competitive prices, lower buy-ins, same incentives.

Our previous marketing strategy for our breaks has fizzled out. We have been proudly unique in the sense that we give one spot a full refund every time we do a random team break. We have invited new members to join our group with an incentive of 10% off their first break. With these incentives came a price-point that was a little higher than other breakers had for their breaks. We did a little recon on our IG story to see how the people felt.

Over 200 of our followers participated in this survey (thank you!) and the results were proof that we have been marketing the wrong way for breaks. After talking to several of our usuals, I decided to listen. Here is our plan moving forward:

"Everyone should be quick to listen" James 1:19

Personally, I prefer to participate in higher end breaks. If we can get a smaller group to do hit drafts with, I would be all about it. As far as our weekly breaks go, expect most of them to be in the $50-$70 range.

Breaks are a huge piece to the Brothers In Cards cashflow. They help us buy wax early for the Pack Plus Program and buy at card shows for singles inventory. We started doing two breaks at the beginning of the year to generate more spending money for singles. Doing cheaper breaks is necessary for the group and I respect that. However, the goal is to get to the 3 breaks per week so that I can get back to that budget for singles.

Making changes means making choices. As you will see here in a minute, the incentives are going to stay. If I am going to charge less for breaks, it's going to eat at the profit. So I'm going to try to balance that by eating less time. Instead of all that goes into multiple breaks on multiple nights, I am going to try to get them all in on one night. I hope that makes sense. I will eat whatever doesn't fill.

Our brand is meant to stand apart. These incentives have been a huge part of getting to where we are. While I think we have a long way to go, I won't forget what got us here. Whenever there is an opportunity to show grace, I want to take advantage. I felt like taking away these incentives would be like punishing those that have been loyal thus far. Like I mentioned earlier, keeping these incentives means smaller profit margins, so I am balancing that with less time (hopefully) by getting all the breaks done in one night. More than fair compromise! I'm excited for the extra night with my wife.

Tell them to let me know you sent them when they join their first break. There's money in that for both of you!

When I first started doing breaks back in 2015, I came up with the idea of the refund to keep us unique. I love the idea of getting skunked and then getting your money back. I love the idea of hitting an absolute banger for free (if you get the refund). I love everything in between with the refund. The refund stays. I hope you get one this month!

All breaks have been posted in our Facebook Group -if you don't have Facebook, that is okay (many of our breaking customers don't). Simply respond to this email and I will get you taken care of. I will send out an email similar to this every Tuesday moving forward. See you Thursday!


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