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We are changing the way we do breaks!

Competitive prices, lower buy-ins, same incentives.

Our previous marketing strategy for our breaks has fizzled out. We have been proudly unique in the sense that we give one spot a full refund every time we do a random team break. We have invited new members to join our group with an incentive of 10% off their first break. With these incentives came a price-point that was a little higher than other breakers had for their breaks. We did a little recon on our IG story to see how the people felt.

Over 200 of our followers participated in this survey (thank you!) and the results were proof that we have been marketing the wrong way for breaks. After talking to several of our usuals, I decided to listen. Here is our plan moving forward:

"Everyone should be quick to listen" James 1:19

Personally, I prefer to participate in higher end breaks. If we can get a smaller group to do hit drafts with, I would be all about it. As far as our weekly breaks go, expect most of them to be in the $50-$70 range.