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Top 5 NFL QBs of...2027

The end is near for some greats. The future is bright for others.

Why do I care about who will be good 5 years from now?

I own a sports cards business. We think about this all the time. 5 years ago, Patrick Mahomes was a rookie that nobody cared about. We literally sold one of his Select RPAs for $100. That card is now worth 10X what we sold it for.

The reason 2027 really sticks out to me is because I believe the "old guard" of NFL quarterbacks will be completely gone by then. Tom Brady

Aaron Rodgers

Matt Ryan

Matthew Stafford

Kirk Cousins

Russell Wilson

Ryan Tannehill

Jimmy Garoppolo

Derek Carr

Marcus Mariota

Jameis Winston

Jared Goff

Carson Wentz

Dak Prescott

How many of those guys will still be the starting quarterback for their franchise in 2027? The answer could quite possibly be none. That list contains 14 starters out of the 32 slots in the NFL. Within the next 5 years, will any newcomers be able to escalate to Top 5 QB talents? I don't see it coming from anyone in the 2022 NFL Draft. I guess we have seen it happen in 4 years before, but it's no easy task. No projected 2023 NFL Draft Picks have me thinking quick rise to Top 5 status.

I believe that we will roll into the 2027 season talking about guys that are playing right now.

The 14 guys I mentioned above were all drafted before 2017. The rest of the starting QBs in the NFL are from these classes:

2017: 3

2018: 3

2019: 3

2020: 4