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Top 5 College QBs

Ya'll know I love my QB research. I feel like this year's hype from the main sports media streams is leaving out some serious QB play. I am a numbers guy at heart, and there are some current numbers that need to be considered more than the preseason hype of some players.

First of all, I want to talk about some guys that are not on my list. I started following Spencer Rattler when he was in high school. He was the #1 QB in his graduating class and chose to follow Baker, Kyler, and Jalen at Oklahoma. I was excited to see a top guy choose somewhere outside of Alabama and Clemson. I had high expectations. He red shirted, which is always a good idea, and then got the job last season as Jalen Hurts went on to the NFL. He wasn't terrible last season, but definitely not at the level of the last three big Oklahoma QBs. Coming into this season, he needed to a strong start. He has not had that.