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Three weeks until our guy fights!

We are extremely proud sponsors of UFC Fighter Matt Schnell.

Not only is he an avid sports card collector, like us, but he is also an awesome guy.

He's a husband, a father, a Brother in Christ, and a competitor. It has been easy for our friendship to develop over the last two years. Here is a video where he opened one of our Gold Boxes with us for our YouTube Channel.

On September 4th, Matt fights #4 Flyweight Contender Alex Perez .

This matchup was supposed to take place last December, but was postponed to this spring. Alex Perez backed out of that fight a month before they were to enter the octagon. Eager to fight in Houston, Matt was open to anyone the UFC could pair him up with.

They settled on Rogerio Bontorin who was at a Bantamweight fighter at that time. On short notice, Matt was set to fight a weight class up. To make matters more complicated, Bontorin did not make weight upon final weigh ins. Matt had been outside of the Octagon long enough. He was eager to fight and wanted to do so in Texas, where he currently lives with his family. Instead of calling off the fight, Matt agreed to fight a heavy opponent, who was already a weight class up. Bontorin is a strong, aggressive fighter, but Matt's experience and counter game is the reason for his ascension in the sport. He was ready for anything.

Unfortunately, the fight did not go Matt's way. Instead of aggression, Bontorin went with the defensive approach. It was a much slower fight than anticipated. It's amazing how time can go so fast or so slow in the octagon. This fight went fast, reducing opportunity for either fighter to deliver statement blows or rack up points. The first two rounds were close, but Bontorin pulled away in the third. The fight went the decision, but by unanimous decision, our guy's hand was not raised. Immediately after the fight, Rogerio Bontorin publicly apologized to Schnell for not making his weight before the fight. Schnell received a portion of Bontorin's winning purse.

Matt is more determined than ever to make things right next month when he finally gets to fight the opponent he has been training for. Matt is currently ranked #9 but believes he will significantly climb the ladder with a decisive win over #4 Perez. He is currently in California getting his final preparations set for the Octagon. He is confident, and so are we. We can't wait to support!

Make sure you follow Matt on Instagram at @danger_caged

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