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The Midwest Monster is here!!

The biggest show in the country this weekend - you read that right.

J&J All Star Sports Cards has been running a phenomenal card show in Fishers, IN ever since I got back into the hobby in 2014 (and many many years before). It is at that show that I met the Big Brother to Brothers In Cards - Indy Card Exchange owner Andy Albert. Both Jeff and Andy have been talking about doing a big show for years. COVID through a real wrench in the plans back in 2020.

The time is now.

We announced the dates for this show back in January of this year. Since then, Jeff has sold nearly 400 tables. FOUR HUNDRED. This show is going to be bigger than the Chicago Spectacular. Not only does it have more tables, it has a ridiculous cast of vendors.

In my opinion...

The Chicago Spectacular has always been a great show (one of my favorites).

But announcing their June show (2 months after we announced ours) to be on the same dates as ours was a huge mistake. None of the above vendors are going to be in Chicago this weekend. Literally hundreds of other folks that I know went to Chicago in March will be coming to Fishers for the Midwest Monster. Game on.

We have been racking up inventory for this show!

We went through and repriced everything we had. Over 80% of our cards have dropped in value and we priced accordingly. It is not a fun side of the hobby but it is what it is. We are motivated sellers and excited to do some deals! Our prices have not been adjusted on our eBay store yet, so feel to message us with any offers if you see something you'd like. Everything we take to shows is on our eBay store. It's a lot to manage, but we've gotten good at it. Learn how here.

We would love to meet you! If you are making the trip to Indiana, be sure to stop by our booth! We would love to meet you. If we have already met, we would love to see you again! See ya soon!

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