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The Card Year

I've always looked at August as the January of the Card Year.

Football is our main sport. I can understand how other sports' investors could view the Card Year differently. But this time of year is like a new year for us. Football season is officially here! The NFL preseason has started, Friday Night Lights are just a week or two away, and College Football is just beyond that. NFL prospects are solidifying their place in camp while veterans are refining their franchises. Football investors have made their investment decisions, are buying their guys, and we are about to see if we are right!

Like I mentioned in a blog post a couple weeks ago, we did not go to The National. This does throw off our plan quite a bit, but I am up for the challenge! We have been staying away from singles for other business reasons, but I am chomping at the bit to get back. We are going to learn quite a bit over the next few weeks. We already learned a lot about Dorian Thompson-Robinson in the Hall of Fame game. He was someone I had my eye on before the draft. I will be keeping tabs on every single pre-season game this year, as I believe the 2023 NFL Draft class is one of the deepest in NFL history. Aside from the rookies, there are several young guns I am ready to see in action. There are going to be literally dozens of prospects whose markets are going to be incredibly underrated. Consider Brock Purdy, Bailey Zappe, and Skylar Thompson. All three played significant time in the preseason games and then found opportunities during the season. If you had been buying them in August or September, you would have been happy later in the Card Year. I am a big believer in investing in a diverse group of young/rookie QBs when they are cheap enough that just being right about one pays for everything.

Another fun part of this time of year is Fantasy Football! If you didn't know, my buddy and I started a Fantasy Football Podcast called Week 15 Podcast. Our podcast is focused on the matchups and opportunities for Weeks 15-17, when we are all battling it out for the Fantasy Football Playoffs! Anyways, our latest episode was about our official QB Rankings - go take a listen!

Our quick flip strategy for this portion of the Card Year:

Once we are able to start investing in singles again, I will be looking at a few different avenues. First of all, I will only be investing in guys I believe I can flip in the next two months. I used to have the opinion of a three month hold, but times have changed that. The Bee Sports Card Fest will be this coming Labor Day weekend. Our hope is to be back on track by then. From that point, we will be buying cards we believe could appreciate by the Chicago Spectacular Show in mid-November. Those prospects include the following:

  • Rookie/Young QBs who could possibly take over later in the year due to injury or QB1 getting pulled. It is possible that none of these hit, but the risk is so low that if one hits, the efforts are worth it.

  • Veteran QBs that are about to have significant seasons. This list is short but significant. I believe there are at least three veteran quarterbacks that are going to skyrocket in value this year. Stay tuned for that list =)

  • Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the league by a lot. His value does not reflect that. I have nothing else to say right now, but I will.

  • NBA studs with down markets. By that Chicago show, the NBA season will be a couple weeks old and the Sports Center Top 10 will be dominated by those highlights. Who will be in that spotlight and what are their markets doing now?

  • Projecting World Series Champions. I am not in tune with baseball enough to know what I am doing here, but if you are - go get em'.

I am rooting for all of us to win. I want to help you win. I want to help you enjoy the hobby while you win. If you love ripping packs, consider our subscription box, where we send out quality current hobby packs with extremely high potential alongside the fun of ripping. If you like breaks, join our Facebook group where we break every Thursday - we give one spot a FULL REFUND every week! If you're locked in on the singles game, check out our eBay store, where we run $4.99 auctions every week. Our eBay store is also where we will showcase our singles as we invest in them.

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