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The 49ers need to pay Deebo right now

The rumor is that Deebo Samuel wants $25,000,000 per year, and if the 49ers don't pay up now, they will either have to pay him more later or lose him altogether.

Deebo Samuel is obviously a special player.

He led the league in yards per reception (18.2ypr) with 1,405 yards (5th in the NFL) on 77 receptions (24th in the NFL). What puts Deebo on another level of receivers is his rushing ability. He scored 6 touchdowns on the receiving end, but he ran for 8 touchdowns as a rusher. He ended up getting 59 carries just in the regular season. He had had more yards per carry than all but 1 running back. He is truly a threat at both positions. Good luck game planning for that.