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Prizm redemptions are on their way!

Who wants to get more packs of Prizm for $30 each?

2021 NFL Prizm kept getting pushed back. We planned on using a hobby box in April, then it was pushed to May, and then pushed to June. We felt the best way to honor what we said was to send out redemption inserts so that our customers knew they would be getting a pack of Prizm later on. The time is now!

If you got Prizm in the box you ordered from our website, you should already have that new tracking number in that email. If you reached out from a shop, check in with us - we shipped out most of those packs today as well!

We are including another box of 2021 Prizm Hobby in June's program, and 2021 Prizm No Huddle is set to be the Gold Feature!

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