Passer Rating is a MVP Stat

The last 3 NFL MVPs led the league in Passer Rating. Who is near the top of this year's list?

Disclaimer: Drew Brees led the NFL in Passer Rating in 2019, but he only played in 12 games that year. Lamar Jackson was a close 2nd, and played in all 16 games.

I went through stats of all 27 NFL QBs who played in at least 13 games this season.

When they had a Passer Rating at or above Aaron Rodgers' league leading 111.9,

they combined for a 92-17 record. The majority of those losses were due to the opposing QB also having a rating above 111.9.

The NFL passer rating formula ranges on a scale from 0 to 158.3 based on completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns per attempt, and interceptions per attempt.

Consistency in the NFL is huge. This stat logs how consistent quarterbacks are on a game to game basis. Aaron Rodgers played 10 of his 16 games with a Passer Rating above his league leading 111.9. Needless to say, he's my MVP.

I started down this rabbit hole to find out how often good quarterbacks play like great quarterbacks. It also showed how many good quarterbacks don't have to play great to win. These numbers represent how many individual games each QB had a Passer Rating at or above 111.9.

Okay sophomores!

Half of this year's playoff QBs are in the above section