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Night #2 of The National Week

Buying is a whole lot of fun.

Early bird gets the worm.

Our guys at Indy Card Exchange were able to get everything set up yesterday, so they planned on getting to the show at 10am this morning (the showroom opened at 8am). We decided to get a jumpstart on the day and get in there at 8:30 and see who all was set up. Now customers were not allowed into the show until 3:30 today, so only dealers were able to go around and buy beforehand. I would say probably only 10% of all dealers were set up/close to being ready when we got there. Know that I am not judging one bit - we obviously weren't setting up that early either! We were hoping to snag some pickups before we got to our booth at 10, and we are PUMPED about what we were able to make happen.

We started out with picking up those beauties from 4 different tables (including our good friends over at Meelypops). We also picked up about 70 cards that will be more than solid for next week's $4.99 auctions.

We felt really good about these deals. We got back to the booth and got everything prepped and ready to go. Our entire booth was ready by noon. As soon as the rush to appease my OCD with all of the organization and pricing had ended, I headed to the restroom. Before I left I told Andy that we were done making big buys for a while - time to sell.

But then I walked by this beauty....

Yep. I had to buy that one. As referenced in my recent Peyton Manning PC video this is definitely one of those "Me or Mike" cards! I love it.

2022 National Black Box

Andy took one for the team and went over to the Panini booth to settle up on some redemptions. One of them was a 2021 Impeccable Triple Auto