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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We have been having a blast with this new trending app.

Here are some more details about what we are doing on WhatNot:


Video Transcript

What is going on? Brothers in Cards Family! Welcome to whatnot. whatnot is something that we do every Friday from 1:00pm to 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. And man, we love it. We love it.

We started doing this back in the spring, and… communicating with the Whatnot team and getting to meet them at the National. We are absolutely in love with this app! If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can absolutely do that as soon as possible. The link to our page is going to be in the description of this video. But to tell you a little about whatnot, imagine eBay and Instagram Live had a baby, right? That's how we always tell people.

It was funny to see those guys at the national, the Whatnot team, and they said that they pretty much explain it the same way. And if you like auctions, you're definitely going to like, whatnot. And if you like hanging out with people online and doing live streams, that's another great avenue for that as well. We love being able to talk sports, talk cards and any chance we get to do that, we're all in.

So again, we do this every Friday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern time. And basically what whatnot is—it's a platform where you can do these auctions on a live stream. You can also do [box] breaks, do different things like that. People do that on the platform as well. You can have "by it now" items like in your store while you're live.

What we do mainly is live auctions. Everything that we do starts at $1 and runs for 60 seconds. So if you think about, like eBay, and when you watch an item, it could have four days left, or it could have 17 hours left… whatever— you're really waiting for that last minute.

That's whatnot is.

You can go on whatnot, and you can see all kinds of different streams that are going on. And most of those streams are doing an auction that ends within a minute. Like I said, we do auctions every time we're there, and we have a live stream from 1:00pm to 03:00 p.m., we run about 70 auctions during that time. All of them run for 1 minute. All of them start at $1.

You can see it here. And we even use slabs. We got these, like PSA ten slabs, that we run in those 1 minute auctions, that all start at $1. The way we do those, is that we have a lot of base cards, too.

I mean, you got like rookies—D'Andre Swift, Peyton Manning, Josh Allen—a lot of stuff like that. We run those kinds of things when we start, and we run them throughout. But once we get 40 viewers in our live stream, which usually takes like 10-20 minutes, then we start auctioning off the slabs. And then we have kind of a mix of slabs and just regular cards for the rest of that time.

As if that wasn't cool enough, at the end of our auctions, our live streams, we give away a free bronze box.

Now our bronze boxes are $85 boxes that are in our Pack Plus program. If you don't know about our Pack Plus Program, you can learn a little more about that video up here, but those boxes come with three hobby packs. You can choose whichever sport you want, but there are three packs in there. It's $85 value, and we give away for absolutely free. So if you buy seven cards, if you win seven auctions, you're getting those seven cards plus a 10% chance at winning a free $85 box.

Another thing that makes us special as we do the whatnot app is, we ship all the cards on the same day. You can see we are all ready to go. Every time we go live, we're ready to ship out our cards. And so if you order it on a Friday, you're going to get your cards early in the next week.

We love whatnot for a lot of reasons, but it gives us an opportunity to hang out and communicate with our following, with other collectors, talk sports, talk cards—we love that!

It helps us move some of these single inventory, and it gives an opportunity to the customer to get them at a great price. And then we get to advertise our Pack Plus program through our giveaways. And it's kind of just a win-win-win for us. It's a win-win-win for our customers.

We love to do it.

So, if you have not yet downloaded the app, make sure you do that. You can go through the link that's in the description of this video you can go through and follow us. You can watch our live streams and set schedules through the app for that. But no, it's a lot of fun to be a customer on the whatnot app. It's a lot of fun to be a seller on the Whatnot app.

So just when we go live, we like to see as many people in there. Even if you're not buying, just come hang out. Check out the whatnot app. Check out some other sellers on there.

Everybody's got kind of different niches that they try to do. Make it unique. It's a lot of fun, guys. You got to check it out.

Check us out on whatnot

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