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Last Day to participate in our Subscription Gas Card Giveaway!

We are giving away 10 $50 Gas Cards!

July's Due Date is technically 7/31. We would normally have it earlier in the month, but 7/17 was too early and 7/24 didn't make much sense because we will be in Atlantic City for The National throughout that week. Setting Due Date for 7/31 also allows us to build the program stronger with customers and products we acquire at the show. Randomization will be 8/3 and we will be diligent in getting boxes out as soon as possible. This was all announced in our Pack Plus Preview video for July.

Today is the last day you can start a subscription for July - take advantage of our Gas Card Giveaway! As mentioned int he video, we are giving away 10 $50 Gas Cards! To be eligible, you have to have an active gold subscription through July, August, and September. We usually take subscriptions all the way to Due Date, but because Due Date is so late this month, it would create a logistical issue with subscriptions starting that late. There are currently only 80 Gold Subscriptions that will be eligible (if they all keep their subscription for two more months. The chances of winning are not that crazy. If you would like to be eligible for a free $50 Gas Gift Card in September, the time is now!

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