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HUGE week for Brothers In Cards

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the hobby and support our brand this week.

Pretty much anyone in the card biz can tell you there is a dip in the market in May-July. This year was no exception. You can pout about it or you can get to work. We have been getting after it over here! This week is a big one for us.


  1. Blitz Night Wednesday (taking orders for Blitz Bonuses now)

  2. $4.99 eBay auctions ending Tuesday-Thursday (bid now)

  3. TWO Breaks this Thursday on our Facebook Group

  4. Midwest Monster show this weekend!

That's right, we are taking orders early for Blitz Night! Simply order a gold box from our website between now and Wednesday night at 8pm EST and you will get a Blitz Bonus! These bonuses are usually hobby packs or break credit. Be on the look out for TWO FREE BRONZE BOXES that will go to two of the first 25 gold boxes purchased through this sale period! ORDER NOW!

Our eBay auctions are full of cards like this one - cards that comp between $10-$20. You would be surprised how few of our cards actually make it to comps on our auctions (I would guess around 10%). There is tons of opportunity for every collector. We run them knowing we won't reach comps for three reasons: 1. cash flow 2. advertising in each package 3. we like being a source of wins for collectors.

Go take advantage. Enjoy bidding!

Excited for this week's breaks! Clearly Donruss and Contenders Optic fall into that price point where I can make breaks affordable and still carry the potential for some bangers. Crown Royale carries the potential for a KABOOM! Four boxes is 1/4 of a case, giving us a 25% chance at the big chase. I figured the NBA Finals were a good time to chase it! Get 10% off your first break with us, and another 10% off if you bring a friend! We run our breaks through our Facebook Group.

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