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Free Boxes are a thing.

Did you know that we gave away SEVEN free bronze boxes in August?

We are hoping to give away even more in September!


If you have a subscription, you are eligible for a free bronze box! We give away a bronze box for each sport! Last month, there were only 5 subscriptions in soccer, 18 in baseball, 44 in basketball, and 52 in football. The opportunity to get a free box is reasonable and available. Start your subscription today!


We go live on WhatNot 2-3 times each month and we give away a bronze box each time. All you have to do to be eligible for that giveaway is win an auction or purchase a card. Each individual card sold gets you an entry! All of our auctions start at $1 and run for only 60 seconds. Our next live stream is today at 1 EST.

Here's the link:


This may be the easiest way to get a free bronze box. If you open our box on your YouTube channel, you can post the link to your video on our designated post in our Facebook group ( )

The designated post has this picture and details within the post:


Every month, on the first Wednesday of the month, we put on our Blitz Night sale. Each order that is placed between 7-8pm EST will get a bonus pack. If we sell 60 boxes in this hour, we give away a free bronze box! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to learn more about Blitz Night and the possible prizes. We actually go live on Instagram during that hour.

If you are interested in some Pack Plus Pro Tips, check out this video on what gives you the best chance to win a free bronze box:

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