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eBay Auction Statistics

I am a numbers guy at heart. Here's what I am looking at.

We are actually planning to do less shows in 2023. We went on a show rampage from October-November. Five shows in seven weeks. It was not even close to as fruitful as I expected. I understand the market was in a dark place during those months, but I was more disgusted with the time. Our subscription box obviously takes a lot of time, as do other functions of our operation. Adding the show tour to those left little time for my family, which means the most to me.

I learned a lot from that experience, and I am looking to act on what I learned in 2023. People have a lot of negative opinions of eBay, and those are valid. However, based on my experience and the knowledge of my team, I believe that eBay is the best online marketplace for us to move singles. I could write a whole new article on why I prefer eBay to the other auction platforms, but for now, let's summarize it with this: more customers, more features, more opportunity.

These figures were as of last night.

I decided that a focus on our eBay store could generate just as many, if not more, sales as going to a show every weekend. Some may scoff at that, but we have done $10K in sales through the last 90 days on eBay. My goal is to triple that in the first quarter of 2023. Subscribe to our newsletter - we will let you know if we reach that goal.

A big part of that effort will come in the form of auctions. We plan to run 500+ auctions every two weeks for as long as we can. We are focused on buying fluid cards that can achieve the minimum bid of $4.99 and beyond. Anything that doesn't get bid on will most likely go to COMC - a new venture we are pursuing.

You can see the above stats - we are monitoring everything we can to learn and get better with each auction. We understand that many auctions will fall short. Our focus is on the bottom line and the overall movement. I am sure I will type more articles with updates, but for now, go check out our auctions to see what we are doing. Here's the link:

eBay Seller Pro Tip:

If you are planning to run a lot of auctions, I highly recommend the $59.99 subscription - even if you plan on listing more than 500 auctions per month. It is better for us to pay the extra 15 cents per auction listing after 500 than to go up to the next subscription price point. Read why we are committed to auctions.

eBay Seller Pro Tip:

As far as BIN listings go, we won't ever max out on those (most likely). We have learned a new strategy that has been effective as of late: the promotions eBay offers are actually legit. We see way more traffic due to those promotions, but also an uptick and organic traffic. Our store, in general, is getting more traffic than ever before. We have also noticed that most sales come shortly after cards are listed. So we list cards as BIN listings, and then promote them if they don't sell after a week or two. Our auctions drive traffic to our BIN listings as well.

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