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Cam Thomas Chase Break!

He's scoring 40+ per game, so how about a $40 break?

When Kyrie got traded, there was a void at the guard position in Brooklyn.

2nd year player Cam Thomas from LSU was the next man up. Since the trade, Thomas has been on an absolute tear. He plays again tonight at 7:30pm EST

Picked late in the first round of the 2021 NBA Draft, his name has been behind several others in terms of sought after rookie cards. That has all changed this week. Not only has he done what no other player has done (134 points in 3 games at his age), but he is now arguably the best player on the Brooklyn Nets, since they traded away Kevin Durant last night.

2021-22 products have already started to bump a bit. We just happened to have 5 of our silver boxes, full of 30 2020-21 hobby packs, waiting to be ripped. I figured this was a good time for a break.

A couple things you should know when breaking with us:

  • You get 10% off your first spot with us!

  • When you bring a friend, both of you get 10% off!

  • We give one spot a FULL REFUND every time we do a random team break

  • We ship within 2 business days after break

  • We have a BIC Buy Back policy so you can turn unwanted break hits into break credit

We would love to have you!

If you don't have Facebook, we can accommodate!

We organize the breaks there - spots listed, sold, etc.

But we actually break live on YouTube, so you won't miss it!

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