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Breaking Football & Baseball

Thursday night has become our break night - excited to rip some of our May Pack Plus Gold Boxes!

May's Football and Baseball programs each include higher hit percentages than normal, meaning that there are more hits/pack throughout the program. The average is usually 2 hits per box in Football and 1.5 hits per box in baseball. I can't guarantee it, but I would expect to see more than 10 hits in each break Thursday!

We are guaranteed to see at least one hit out of Clearly Donruss, as there is a pack in each of the 5 gold boxes (we will use a full box + 1 pack). We are likely to see multiple packs of Prizm, Prizm No Huddle, Certified, and Phoenix FOTL.

Baseball's program guarantees a pack of Bowman Jumbo in each Gold Box. This gives us a high chance of seeing at least one Bowman Auto in the break, as we will use a sealed box to get the 5 packs needed (3 autos per 12 pack box). Bowman's Best is the core feature, which guarantees 1 auto per mini box. We will use 5/6 packs from one mini-box, meaning there's a 83% chance we see a Bowman's Best auto. There is also about a 24% chance that the box of Archives makes its way into the break. The program is solid even outside of all this; see the Most Probable Box below!

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