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August Program is Live!

Order today for a shot a FREE GOLD BOX!

Thank you for your patience.

We announced early in July that we would have a late Due Date because of The National. We have had no real problems come from that and that means so much to me - to have a following that trusts and supports us and is understanding of the way the hobby flows. Know that we are motivated by this to continue to do the best we can create a great product and lead well in this industry.

August Blitz Night

For nearly 4 years, we have done a Blitz Sale on the first Wednesday of every month. We have tried some different types of sales through 2022, but through the chaos of the last few weeks, we never really nailed anything down for August. To make up for that, we are giving away a GOLD BOX today. The August Blitz Sale is simple: order a Gold Box by midnight tonight and you are eligible to win a free Gold Box. We will announce the winner tomorrow morning on our YouTube channel!

August's Program

I am really excited about this month's program - specifically basketball. Wax prices are starting to come down to reality, and we are taking full advantage. You will see in this video just how solid basketball's program can be. A teaser....NO HOOPS.

You can see all the details to August's program in the video below. Know that we always post the Pack Plus Preview to our YouTube channel before anywhere else. Feel free to subscribe to our channel as well as our newsletter.

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