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August Pack Plus Program Details!

We build this for you - we can't wait to see what you rip from this month's lineup.

When I get to the spread sheets and start building lineups for the program, I start with the gold and core features, then I go to the Hit Percentage of the program. We always want to see hits come out of our gold boxes, and we want the rip session to have potential. We use Donruss on the low end because there is the potential of the Case Hits and Short Prints. We use other products with more hits to get the hit percentage up (like Illusions). Then we use Prizm as a chase - to give everyone a chance at ripping a high end pack.

This month, we are going for an absolute HIT FEST. In Football and Baseball, there is about a 20% Hit Percentage, meaning about 20% of the random packs in the program will contain a hit. You get 7 random packs in a gold box, so more than likely, at least one of those will hit. On top of that, our features are going to be hit-heavy. For example, in 60 gold football boxes, there will be over 120 hits, not including case hits or short prints. It's going to be a good time.

I also want to remind you that we will be sending out at least one Golden Ticket this month! This is replacing our Blitz Night Sale and Bronze subscription giveaway. To be eligible, you simply just need to have an active gold subscription!


Football Gold Feature: 2022 Certified

Core Feature: 2022 Phoenix

Program will also include 1 box of 2022 Prizm Hobby and 3 boxes of 2023 Luminance! Other products will include (but not limited to) Donruss, Elite, Illusions, Legacy, Contenders


Gold Feature: 2022-23 Prizm

Core Feature: 2022-23 Prizm Fast Break

Program will also include 4 boxes of the brand new Mosaic.

Other products will include (but not limited to) Select, Donruss, and Optic


Gold Feature: 2023 Bowman Jumbo

Core Feature: 2023 Topps Chrome Jumbo

Program will also include a box of 2023 Topps Tribute!

Other products will include (but not limited to) Bowman Chrome, Bowman's Best, and Finest.

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