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$95 for a team in a Case Break!

We believed in this product so much that we ripped a case ourselves. Now it's your turn.

Before we rip anything, we put a lot of thought into which product will be the best bang for our buck. We hadn't ripped any cases for almost two years before we decided to pull the trigger in October. Upon a lot of research, here is what we found out about 2021-22 Donruss Basketball.

The Next Day Autos are solid. There are two per case. There are 14 different players who have had their Next Day Auto sell for $100+ just in the last month. The checklist for Next Day Autos is only 40 players long, meaning that we will most likely hit one of those 14 mentioned. There is a 10% chance we hit Cade Cunningham or Scottie Barnes. At this price point, I love that.

There are 20 total autos and we saw several numbered autos in our case. We also had several cards numbered /100 or less, including a /10 Herbert Jones.

The base rookies are only worth a few bucks but the parallels are solid chip shots. In a case, we will see a good number of numbered rookie parallels. At a $95 buy in, the risk shrinks a lot with those in mind.

Another reason I like a case like this is because everyone will get something. Everything will ship except veteran base. So all of the $1-$5 inserts are coming your way. I really believe that several spots will win in this break. I look forward to ripping. Come join us!

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