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3 Fantasy Leagues. 3 Division Championships.

I've got some waiver moves for the Playoffs that I think are going to help me bring home the trophies.

We all love Fantasy Football. We all love competition. We all love our friends.

Being able to compete with your friends in fantasy football is a breeding ground for quality smack talk, demoralizing losses, and satisfying victories.

Two years ago, I don't think I was in any fantasy football leagues at all.

Last year, I finally joined my lifelong friend's unique keeper league.

(shoutout Tyler Harnish). I made it to the championship before getting knocked off by Alvin Kamara's 6 TD game last year.

I realized that my constant attention to stats and sports highlights because of my sports card addiction was very fruitful in the fantasy sports world. I was open to joining more leagues in 2021. I ended up joining three leagues this year. They are all extremely different and I will go into each league and roster here in a bit, but I must first say that it has been a blast. From the draft to the group chats, I have fallen in love with Fantasy Football. If you have never joined a Fantasy Football league, I highly recommend you doing so next year. We actually had two Brothers In Cards leagues ran by members of our Facebook Group this year. Keep an eye out for those next year, as I imagine there will be more!


My buddy Tyler started this league back in 2018. It is a Salary Cap league where you are able to keep your players each year (but they become more expensive each year you keep them). Believe it or not, this league is completely ran outside of any apps or websites. We keep track of everything on Google Docs! We have 10 teams in this league. Instead of a draft, we take turns putting available players up for auction and we bid on them with our available salary cap. You can keep up to 3 players each year. Although my team made it to the championship last year, I only kept 2 players this year (Patrick Mahomes & Nick Chubb). This is actually the league in which I posted all 10 teams' starting rosters on our Instagram back on 8/28 if you're curious. Nobody seemed interested in my Week 1 lineup.

Raheem Mostert got knocked out of the season in Week 1.

Robert Tonyan got knocked out of the season in Week 8.

Hopkins, Thielen, and Chubb have all combined to miss several games.

...I won my division anyway.

At one point, I traded Dawson Knox for an injured George Kittle.

Here is how my roster currently sits:

QB Patrick Mahomes

QB Kirk Cousins

RB Nick Chubb

RB Leonard Fournette