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2021 Project Complete

I have always strived to honor God through my business. A project I started at the beginning of 2021 was to use my platform to do a Two-Minute Devotional each week.

The Two-Minute Drill was always my favorite part of practice.

It was time to put everything we had prepared for to work. The more you train, the more prepared you are for those moments when there is no opportunity to consult or reflect. Each play leads to a new challenge and slimmer margin for error. The fruit of completing the goal is satisfying.

I decided to apply the same concepts to a segment of our YouTube channel focused on preparing for life through God's word. Each video is around two minutes long and focuses on how a specific Bible verse has prepared me. Most videos have had some impact on my career as an athlete, and I really enjoyed sharing that part of my life.

The idea of this project was to motivate and encourage others, but I felt great benefits for myself as I reviewed and engaged in God's word on a frequent basis. I hope others got something out of these videos as well! I am going to keep this playlist up as long as my channel is active. Feel free to share any specific episode or the whole playlist with someone you know that could benefit from two minutes of encouragement! To God be the glory.

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