About Us

One of the greatest things about sports…

is the opportunity to share them with others. All of us here at Brothers In Cards have played sports in high school and in college, and we love staying connected to the game through this hobby! We are determined help you be the best fan you can be by boosting your collection of your favorite teams and players!

Have you ever walked into a card shop and wanted to open up packs from every single product on the shelf? We have all been there!

We have recently started our Pack Plus Program that we are really excited about!

This program allows you to open your own Hobby Packs that come from various products ranging in value. The highlight of this program is that you could end up getting high end packs without paying high end prices! We are only doing this program with football right now, but be sure to reach out to us on our social medias if you would like to see us do another sport!

We also do box breaks every week! There are various forms of box breaks and we like to do them all! Hit Drafts, Team Drafts, Random Teams, and Team Auctions are the types of breaks we typically do. Always feel free to tweet us, DM us, or email us with requests!

Our Collection mainly consists of cards 2014 or newer autographs, jersey cards, and low numbered inserts and parallels. We pick up these cards from various card shows, online Fire Sales, or busting our own boxes! Be sure to check out our Collection in the tab at the top! Everything in there will be for sale on our eBay page as well! Here is the link:

I’m Jonathan

As for me personally, my name is Jonathan Keith (left). I teach 4th grade in Marion, Indiana and coach quarterbacks for the Marion High School Football team. I played QB at Taylor University where I got my degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Youth Ministry. It was while playing football at Taylor that my brother and I decided to start buying and selling cards to make some extra money. We fell in love with the hobby and have been growing ever since! The dream is to have a card shop some day in Kokomo, Indiana. We are enjoying the process and the people we meet along the way!

This is Andrew

My partner, Jonathan Andrew Dicken (right), teaches 7th grade in Kokomo and coaches football there as well. He played WR for Manchester College. We met at a charity 7 on 7 tournament, connected for a few six pointers, talked a lot of football, and we have been Brothers In Cards ever since! Andy does a great job on our social medias and helps out a lot with local events like our monthly Box Breaks at Wings, Etc and our Kokomo Card shows!

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